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DDG – I’m Geekin (Instrumental)

DDG is a rising rapper and social media personality from the United States. Born in Pontiac, Michigan, in 1997, DDG’s real name is Darryl Granberry Jr. He first gained fame on YouTube, where he began creating videos in 2014. He covered a variety of topics, including pranks, challenges, and lifestyle content, which helped him amass a sizable following.

In 2017, DDG started to shift his focus towards music and released his debut single, “Take Me Serious.” The track received widespread attention, and he subsequently signed a deal with Epic Records. DDG has since released multiple singles, mixtapes, and albums, including “Sorry 4 The Hold Up,” “Valedictorian,” and “Die 4 Respect.”

One of his popular tracks, “I’m Geekin,” features a high-energy beat with catchy hooks and verses. The song showcases DDG’s ability to blend his rap skills with his infectious personality, making it a fan favorite. For those looking to download the instrumental version of “I’m Geekin,” it’s available for purchase and download online.


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